Bottled water isn’t regulated like tap is, which means that there is really no way to learn without a doubt what you get getting when you drink bottled. Pesticides and microbes have already been present in bottled water and it’s hard to learn where they originated from. Often times unethical companies will bottle their particular plain tap water and attempt to pass it off as pure, natural. Often these companies are not even filtering and run it straight from their particular taps.


Beyond the problem of water quality is the problem of plastic. Plastic cannot be broken down – at the very least not within our lifetime. You will find dangerous amounts of plastic within our environments and some scientist say that the oceans are very polluted with plastic that no fish caught in the ocean is found without plastic running through their systems. Bottled-water alone produces 1.5 million a lot of plastic waste per year. The creation of those bottles takes 47 million gallons of oil annually to create. Not just does the price of creating these bottles cost in fossil fuels, but the end product will never disintegrate.

Together with environmental concerns with plastic you can find health concerns as well. Leaving a plastic bottle in a hot car and then drinking the water, or putting a plastic bottle in the freezer and then drinking could cause health problems. When plastic is heated or frozen it leaches chemicals into the water making it dangerous to consume. Many occasions when plastic bottles are being shipped they get over heated in the cargo trucks leaching these chemicals into the water before they ever reach the stores.

Water Rights

Water has become being dubbed ‘blue gold’ with corporations gobbling up rights to groundwater and distribution rights all over the place. The entire world of water is slowly moving towards an even more privatization of municipal water supplies. This can literally lead to an alteration of exactly how we cope with water in the present day world.

Many companies that sell bottled water are charging the maximum amount of for a bottle of water because they charge for a soft drink. The plastic bottles are being chock-full with plain tap water and being sold at a tremendous profit. If you drank the suggested eight glasses of water each day from plastic water bottles it’d find yourself costing you $1500 or more every year.


There are numerous alternatives to purchasing plastic bottled water. One simple and easy solution is to obtain a stainless thermos and use it over and over. If filling your thermos from the tap is a less than desirable option finding a water filtration can help ensure you water is clean and good tasting.

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