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Airports Hotels in Rome & Near By

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Fiumicino Airport - Rome has two major airports, Leonardo da Vinci - still frequently known by its old name, Fiumicino - for scheduled flights and Ciampino which handles mainly charter flights and business aviation. At Leonardo da Vinci the airport operator, Aeroporti di Roma, is spending large amounts of money in expanding and upgrading terminal facilities to meet the needs of growing traffic numbers and shaking off the airport's rather modest reputation. There are now three terminals one of which, Terminal C, is linked to a satellite. New shopping and catering areas have been introduced in Terminal B as the plans to sharpen up the image and quality of Rome's major airport gathers pace.

Fiumicino Airport Hotels Rome

Starhotel Michelangelo
Moevenpick Hotel Central Park
Summit Roma Hotel Franklin Feel The Sound
Pisana Palace Hotel Hotel Residenza Dei Quiriti
Hotel Princess Hotel Atlante Garden
Hotel Cristoforo Colombo Grand Hotel Olympic
Grand Hotel Plaza
Hotel Bolivar Rome
Hotel Morgana Hotel Duca D'alba
Hotel Verona Hotel Astrid
Hotel Atlante Star Grand Hotel Palatino
Hotel Condotti Hotel Panorama Inn
Hotel Delle Nazioni Grand Hotel Tiberio
Hotel Ara Pacis Hotel Colonna Palace
Hotel Pinewood  

Spanish Steps - Rome. The piazza, church and famous Scalinata Spagna (Spanish Steps) have long provided a gathering place for foreigners. Built with a legacy from the French in 1725, but named after the Spanish Embassy to the Holy See (which is still located in the piazza), the steps lead to the French church. In May each year the steps are decorated with pink azaleas. lf you can't manage the steps there's a lift to the top outside the Spanish Steps metro station. It might look like the perfect spot for a picnic, but don't get too enthusiastic. Theoretically you are not allowed to eat whilst sitting on the steps. The municipai police who patrol the area can be quite strict, and transgressors can be fined. lt's all aimed at keeping the steps clean after a major restoration in 1995-96, but the police would do better to catch the vandals who are defacing Rome's monuments with graffiti.

Spanish Steps Hotels Rome

Grand Hotel Plaza Hotel Condotti
Hotel Delle Nazioni Hotel Anglo Americano
Hotel Imperiale
Hotel Principessa Tea
Hotel Savoy Hotel Veneto
Boscolo Hotel Aleph Hotel Panorama Inn
Hotel Colonna Palace Hotel International Palace
Hotel Morgana Hotel Bolivar
Hotel Verona Hotel Mascagni
Hotel Giotto Flavia Hotel Albergo Britannia
Hotel Lirico Hotel Dorica
Hotel Impero Hotel Executive
The Bailey's Hotel Hotel Atlante Star

Vatican - The word VATICAN is an ancient place-name of Etruscan origin. In pre-Christian times it was applied to a vast area of swampy land stretching between what is today Trastevere and Monte Mario. During the Imperial age, however, the area was transformed into sprawling parks, with huge arenas built for sporting events. In fact, what is now St.Peter’s Square was probably a circus for chariot racing, and the sire where early Christians in the early part of the 4th Century, constructed a great basilica on the site of what is thought to be St. Peter’s Tomb. The current St. Peter’s, built during the 16th and 17th centuries, replaced that basilica.

For centuries the Popes lived in the area of the right bank of the Tiber that has become the Vatican City, but the Vatican only developed into the Church’s governmental center in the 14th Century when Pope Gregory XI returned from exile in Avignon. From the late 16th through the mid-19th centuries, the Popes again neglected the Vatican, preferring to live in a new palace on the Quirinale Hill, where they believed the air was healthier. It was only after 1870 and the political unification of Italy that the Popes permanently returned to the Vatican. And it was not until 1929, when the Lateran Treaty between Italy and the Holy See recognized its sovereignty and defined its boundaries, that the State of the Vatican City was established as the official home of the Pope and the center of the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican is the smallest sovereign state in the world (its 108 1/2 acres make it one-third the size of Monaco). It has its own currency, postal service, passport, newspapers, radio station and railroad system. Its population of less than 1000 consists almost entirely of Church personnel, Vatican administrators and representatives of international organizations.

Hotels Near By Vatican Rome

Hotel Atlante Garden Condottii Hotel
Starhotel Metropole Hotel Bolivar
Quality Hotel Nova Domus Hotel Principessa Tea
Grand Hotel Tiberio Hotel Astrid
Grand Hotel Olympic Hotel Anglo Americano
Residenza Dei Quiriti Hotel Imperiale
Franklin Feel The Sound Hotel Savoy
Colonna Palace Boscolo Hotel Aleph
Grand Hotel Plaza Hotel Lord Byron
Hotel Delle Nazioni Hotel Panorama Inn
Hotel Morgana International Palace
Verona Hotel Hotel Duca D'alba
Atlante Star  

Pantheon : - The PANTHEON nestles in the midst of a warren of winding little streets about halfway between the Corso and the Piazza Navona, in Rome’s old central quarter. Externally, its gray, forbidding bulk seems oppressive at close quarters, like some perfectly immense tortoise stuck in a maze. The bricked excavation trench around part of its base is home to scores of stray cats. The severe portico is borne by 16 smooth unfluted columns, each more that 14 feet around and 41 feet high. The massive bronze entrance doors are the originals, believe it or not, and although the interior stands stripped of most ancient adornments, it is structurally intact.

The Pantheon is the best preserved, in fact, of all great Classical monuments. Admiral Agrippa, who defeated Anthony and Cleopatra at Actium, dedicated the Pantheon in 27 BC. Its seven interior niches were apparently designed for the seven planetary deities, Apollo, Diana, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, who also ruled over the days of the week, maintaining total control of the space-time continuum. In short, the Pantheon was built to incorporate late-pagan faith at its most philosophical beliefs. The soaring dome expresses that function miraculously well. The dome’s diameter is precisely the same as its interior height: 142 feet. At its apex there is a bronze- lipped circular aperture 30 feet across, wide open to the weather and also to the changing angles of light ordained from hour to hour by the circlings of the sun and moon overhead.

Hotels Near by Pantheon Rome

Colonna Palace Hotel Savoy
Grand Hotel Plaza
Hotel Duca D'alba
Hotel Delle Nazioni Grand Hotel Palatino
Hotel Morgana Hotel Dorica
Verona Hotel Albergo Britannia
Atlante Star Grand Hotel Olympic
Condotti Hotel Lirico
Hotel Imperiale Hotel Borromeo
Hotel Bolivar Hotel Mascagni
Hotel Anglo Americano Residenza Dei Quiriti
Hotel Panorama Inn International Palace
Boscolo Hotel Aleph Hotel Atlante Garden

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